Spring 2023 Workshops

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Sit & Stitch Mondays starting 1/30/23

Do you sew, knit, crochet, quilt, embroider, stitch in anyway? The Sit & Stitch will be a weekly stitch session where we can meet as a group to work on stitching projects and chat with colleagues. Feel free to bring your lunch! Please note: This is not a learn how to stitch session. Join us every Monday at 12:30pm in C204!

1/26/23 Big Feelings Book Discussion

Want to join us for a book discussion? Borrow a copy of Big Feelings from CPD or NECC Library! We will be reading this book over winter break so that we can discuss on January 26, 2023 at 2pm in C204.

1/31/23 Endicott College Graduate Programs Info Session

Learn more about Endicott’s Doctoral and Masters program in Higher Education Leadership. Representatives from Endicott’s School of Education will be in attendance to answer questions. 1pm in C204. 

2/8/23 Let’s Chat About ChatGPT

Faculty AND Staff are invited to attend! Join the Center for Professional Development Faculty Fellows for a thought-provoking conversation about ChatGPT. What is it and how are people using it? Join us on 2/8 at 2:30pm in C204. 

2/9/23 Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Workshop 

Join Campus Police Officer Peter Sheldon, for an informative and necessary workshop exploring preparation and appropriate action surrounding active shooter events. This is a workshop NOT a simulation. 12:30pm in C204. 

The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) course, designed and built on the Avoid, Deny Defend (ADD) strategy developed by ALERRT in 2004, provides strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event. Topics include the history and prevalence of active shooter events, civilian response options, medical issues, and considerations for conducting drills. 

2/14/23 Faculty & Staff Valentine’s Day Drop-in

Join the Center for Professional Development’s Faculty Fellows for a Valentine’s Day treat. Stop by C204 on 2/14 between 2:30pm and 3:30pm. Something sweet awaits. 

2/27/23 Hot Topics with President Lane Glenn

Join President Glenn for Hot Topics in Higher Education on 2/27 at 12:30pm in C204.

Is Teaching About Power and Privilege Education or Indoctrination?

“Culture wars” between conservatives and liberals in the United States are not new.  Issues such as abortion, gun rights, religion, privacy, and same-sex marriage have defined parties and personalities, and won and lost elections, for decades.  More recently, media organizations and private companies have begun to also define themselves by stances they take on these and other hot-button issues.

American colleges and universities have often been at the center of these “culture wars,” though perhaps never as significantly as they find themselves today, especially in the state of Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis is moving aggressively to defund diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on college campuses and turn the small, public, liberal arts New College into the south’s version of Michigan’s conservative, Christian Hillsdale college, all under the banner of protecting the students of Florida from “woke indoctrination.”

In this “Hot Topics” we will discuss:

  • What is “ideological indoctrination,” and does it ever occur on college campuses?
  • Should colleges teach “truths” or teach students to analyze and arrive at truths themselves?
  • Are colleges and universities out of touch with “mainstream” America on these issues?
  • What is the role of academic freedom in this controversy?
  • What should the role of a college president be in situations like this? College trustees?


4/10/23 Hot Topics with President Lane Glenn

Join President Glenn for Hot Topics in Higher Education at 12:30pm in LH306.

Hot Topics: The Great Resignation at Community Colleges

From the “Great Resignation” to “Quiet Quitting,” reports of employees leaving their jobs, or staying in them while unhappily feeling less engaged, have become more common in every profession over the past couple of years, including higher education.  Like businesses and organizations across the country, colleges, and especially community colleges, have been finding it more difficult to attract and retain talented employees.

Read the articles below:

And others you may find, and come to this “Hot Topics” ready to discuss:

How has this phenomenon, which is unusual for higher education, been affecting NECC? 
What can we do to improve our efforts to attract the best faculty and staff possible, and provide everyone who works here with the opportunity for engaging and fulfilling work?

 4/11/23 Civilian Response to Active Shooting Events (CRASE) Workshop 1pm-3pm in C204
4/12/23 Universal Design for Learning & Videos – 2:30pm C210

Join the Center for Professional Development Faculty Fellows for an informational workshop on everything UDL and importance of videos! 2:30pm in C210.

4/14/23 Civilian Response to Active Shooting Events (CRASE) Workshop 1pm-3pm in C204
4/24/23 Let’s Chat: Second Chances and Consequences in the Classroom

Join our Faculty Fellows for the last drop-in of the semester where we will discuss classroom expectations and challenges when it comes to late work, second chances and consequences. 2:30pm in C204. 

4/25/23 Civilian Response to Active Shooting Events (CRASE) Workshop 1pm-3pm in Lawrence
4/28/23 Civilian Response to Active Shooting Events (CRASE) Workshop 10am-12pm in Lawrence

We look forward to seeing you at our events. Let us know you are coming by registering today!