Manager’s Workshops Series

Manager’s Workshops Series

Where: Center for Professional Development, Haverhill campus & Lawrence Campus L244
Workshops will be on the Haverhill Campus in the fall and repeated in the spring in Lawrence.


Academic Year 2023-2024 Tentative Schedule:

  • TBD- Statewide Zoom- Technical: MCCC Contracts
  • TBD- Statewide Zoom- Technical: NUP Handbook
  • 10/11/23 (Haverhill C204) & 1/24/24 (Lawrence L244)- Leading as a Manager: Reconnecting to our Core Values and Mission
  • 11/1/23 (Haverhill C204) & 2/14/24 (Lawrence L244)- Leading as a Manager: Authentic Self as a Manager
  • 11/29/23 (Haverhill C204) & 2/28/23 (Lawrence L244)- Leading as a Manager: Strengths based management
  • 12/13/23 (Haverhill C204) & 3/6/24 (Lawrence L244)- Leading as a Manager: Understanding you and your Team’s behaviors and motivators. (DiSC)
  • 1/10/24 (Haverhill C204) & 3/27/24 (Lawrence L244)- Leading as a Manager: Using staff 1:1 and team meeting time as a planning and growth tool.
  • 2/7/24 (Haverhill C204) & 4/24/24 (Lawrence L244)- Leading as a Manager: Conflict Resolution

Technical Skills: (These hosted by State Legal Counsel and on Zoom.  Dates TBD.)

1.       NUPs Handbook

A comprehensive review of the NUP handbook with insight into, Tuition Remission process, Annual Evaluations, and field any additional questions you may have.

2.       MCCC Contract

This session will review the MCCC Contract, E7s, annual evaluation process, and field any questions you might have about MCCC Employees.

Leading as a Manager:

1.       Reconnecting to our College Mission and Core values

This workshop will reconnect all participants to NECC’s core values and ask the critical question of how do you live these as a manager? We will review the leadership and planning models that NECC thrives on; Appreciative Inquiry, Strengths, and Leadership Capabilities while discussing a shared vision of exceptional management.  At the end we will explore what it means to be a leader and a manager. -Facilitated by: Marcy Yeager/ Patty Gauron

2.       Authentic Self as a manager

This session will explore what does it mean to be your authentic self at work and how you as a manager can model this leading to more productive teams.  We will look at how creating authentic and empathetic teams foster a growth mindset within your work area. -Facilitated by: Marcy Yeager 

3.       Strengths based management

This workshop will reconnect you to your Gallup Strength’s profile, review what it means to be a strengths-based manager, and then work with you to create a plan for team implementation.  This session will have “homework” in the form of a year long timeline outlining next steps to maximizing strengths- based management. The timelines will include:

a.       Group Strength’s session

b.       Manager coaching session (prep for team workshop)

c.       Team workshop

d.       3mos, 6 mos., 1-year check in sessions

-Facilitated by: Marcy Yeager (Gallup Certified Coach)

4.       Understanding you and your Team’s behaviors and motivators.

This workshop will reintroduce DiSC behaviors, look at the intersection with a person’s Strength’s & Motivation tools to understand you and your team.  This session will come with homework to create your own workshop schedule for your unit.

-Facilitated by: Marcy Yeager/ Lorena Constant (DiSC Certified Coaches)

5.       Using staff 1:1 and team meeting time as a planning and growth tool.

We will cover tools to use in your staff and 1:1 meeting which will help maintain engagement and productivity.  Creating a Personal Professional Development plan  with your staff will be covered.

-Facilitated by: Marcy Yeager

6.       Conflict Resolution

This workshop will work through tools to resolve conflict within a work area and how to move forward proactively to minimize departmental conflict.

-Facilitated by: External Facilitator

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