Professional Day

Professional Day is an opportunity for all staff and faculty to learn and grow together as a community. 

Professional Day 2023- More information to follow!

Contact Lorena Constant or Marcy Yeager for more information.


2022 Theme: “Wow, Just Wow!”
Our 2022 Professional Day was spent reflecting on and celebrating everything we have accomplished. It was an opportunity to reflect on our shared experiences over the past two years during the pandemic, to reconnect as a community, and to look forward using the lessons learned. 

Our 2022 Keynote was presented by Dr. Jaquelyn Ollison. Her expertise includes compassion fatigue, education equity, school climate, teacher burnout, secondary trauma, racial trauma, pedagogy, and student engagement. She believes all educators should be revered and supported as first-responders and has said as much in her TEDx talk – on Educator Compassion Fatigue. She is a courageous advocate for teachers, administrators, and all students, especially students of color. She lives in Northern California with her husband, three stepchildren, and her dog Séo.