2015 NEASC Interim Report

Procedures for Interim (Fifth-Year) Reports

NECC NEASC Fifth Year Interim Report August 2015 – Final Document

NECC NEASC Fifth Year Interim Report Acceptance Letter

Between comprehensive evaluations, the Commission requires, per its Policy on the Periodic Review of Accredited Institutions, that member institutions complete an interim report, typically at the fifth year of a ten-year review cycle.  Interim reports require institutions to: review how they continue to meet the Commissioner’s Standards for Accreditation; analyze, appraise, and reflect upon progress made since the last comprehensive review; and project areas of focus for the next five years leading up to the next comprehensive review. The interim report process serves as a vehicle for stimulating improvements within the institution, for strengthening the institution’s ongoing system of self-evaluation, and for supporting the Commission in its role of assuring the public of the quality of the institution and higher education as an enterprise.

NEASC Team Leaders Meeting Minutes

NEASC Team Leaders Meeting Minutes September 23, 2014

NEASC Team Leaders Meeting Minutes October 20, 2014

NEASC Team Leaders Meeting Minutes November 4, 2014  

Procedures for Interim (Fifth-Year) Report

Standards and Meeting Dates
Standard Team Leaders Meeting Dates
Standard One: Mission & Purposes Linda Meccouri and Terry Cargan TBD
Standard Two: Planning & Evaluation Tom Fallon and Jennifer Jackson-Stevens TBD
Standard Three: Organization & Governance Linda Meccouri and Terry Cargan TBD
Standard Four: The Academic Program Judy Zubrow, Habib Maagoul, and Kim Waligora TBD
Standard Five: Faculty Janice Rogers and Deirdre Budzyna TBD
Standard Six: Students Tina Favara and Maria Carles TBD
Resource to Standards 4, 5, and 6 Stephanie Wares TBD
Standard Seven: Library & Other Information Resources Mike Hearn and Gail Stuart TBD
Standard Eight: Physical & Technological Resources David Gingerella and Jeff Bickford TBD
Standard Nine: Financial Resources David Gingerella, Tillie DelVecchio, and Kristen Quinn TBD
Standard Ten: Public Disclosure Ron Taber and Amy Callahan TBD
Standard Eleven: Integrity Heather Mores and Steve Russell TBD

In addition to the Standards, the format of the Interim Report includes a Reflective Essay (Assessment, Retention, Student Success; Dawna Perez, Team Leader) as well as Institutional Information, Future Plans, and a series of Data Forms (Team includes: Mary Chatigny, Matilda DelVecchio, Steve Fabbrucci, Alexis Fishbone, Tom Fallon, Lane Glenn, Bill Heineman, Cathy Lavery, Mark Reinhold, Wendy Shaffer, and Ellen Wentland).