All College Assembly (ACA)


What is the All College Assembly?

The purpose of the All College Assembly is not to perform administration but to advise on executive and operating policies both before they are adopted and after implementation.

The Committees

Executive Committee 

  • The Executive Committee shall meet with the president at least two times each semester to establish committee and Assembly priorities and discuss ongoing concerns.
  • When appropriate, the Executive Committee will establish sub-committees of its own members or task forces which may consist of any Assembly members, to resolve important issues or address policy matters not being addressed by other committees.
  • The Executive Committee will consult with the other standing committees when such matters may overlap with their concerns.
  • The Executive Committee will seek input from all Assembly members, as well as the president, on a regular basis, as to what issues are most important, and will seek the advice of the president and any other interested parties when a task force or sub-committee is to be formed.

Academic Affairs Committee

  • The Academic Affairs Committee shall make curriculum recommendations to the president regarding all proposals for changes, additions, and deletions in all curricula offered by all divisions of the college. In addition, the committee may recommend changes in college-wide academic policy and standards.

The Finance Committee

  • The Finance Committee shall make recommendations to the president with respect to the allocation of all funds within the proposed and approved budget of the college (providing that such recommendations do not violate collective bargaining laws and agreements) and may review at any time the expenditure of all approved allotments of funds within past completed operating budgets. In performing these functions, the Finance Committee shall have timely access to all necessary information through its chairperson or his/her designee.

The Information Technology Committee

  • The Information Technology Committee shall make recommendations/changes concerning any activities and concerns relevant to the information technology of the College.

The Student Affairs Committee

  • The Student Affairs Committee shall consider and make recommendations concerning all areas of student life including but not necessarily limited to recruitment, admissions, orientation, advising, retention, student services, diversity issues, student activities, classroom climate, and student morale.

2021-2022 Survey Results

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ACA Professional Staff Survey-Fall 2022

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