All College Assembly Meeting Dates, Meeting Minutes, and Committee Info

Student Affairs, Finance, Academic Affairs, Information Technology and the Executive Committee.


Questions for the All College Assembly?



  • Sheila Muller
     Chairperson of the Executive Committee, 2017 Fall Semester
     Email her at
  • Amy Callahan,
    Chairperson of the Executive Committee
    at x3397 or email her at
  • Patricia Willett,
    Chairperson of the Academic Affairs Committee
    at x7517 or email her at
  • Paul Saint-Amand,
    Chairperson of the Student Affairs Committee
    at x3307 or email her at
  • Patricia Machado,
    Chairperson of the Finance Committee
    at x3316 or email him at
  • Lori Heymans,
    Contact for the Information Technology Committee
    at x3230 or email her at