All College Assembly Meeting Agendas

The ACA recognizes the strain the recent two school cancellations may have placed on all NECC employees, especially this late in the semester. We are, therefore, canceling the 12/9 ACA forum so that we can take the time to serve our students during a vulnerable period of the semester. You may find committee updates on the website below as they become available.

For more information or questions, please contact Sheila Muller, at 978-556-3342, or


Committee Updates:

Executive Committee

• Review and recommendation of the Public Safety Proposal presented by Chief Crafts and VP McCarthy
• Settlement of transportation issues stemming from the beginning of the semester. The Spring schedule is updated with the five-minute delay (on specific busses) and further negotiations will be explored once the 2-year academic schedule is finalized.
• Working on improving communication between the standing committees to work more as an effective team
• Discussed the Executive Committee’s involvement with the next strategic plan with President Lane

Finance Committee

• Focus on learning more about non-credit offerings at NECC and the benefits provided to the college by offering these types of courses.
• Discussed the benefits of community partnerships and the overall mission of NECC to support the community.
• Discussed the MCCC contract and requested the support of President Glenn. The committee was pleased with his immediate response and show of support.
• Received updates regarding the overall budget, the culinary building, the police academy, and MassHire.