The Mission of the Environmental Impact & Sustainability Committee is to integrate the economic, social and environmental principles of sustainability throughout the curriculum and operations of the college, and to help the college respond to changing local, state and national requirements for public institutions. As we practice the ways of sustainability, our students will see the relevance, develop an understanding and develop strong values for the area.

Guiding Principles

The President’s Climate Commitment initiative at Northern Essex Community College is based on the belief that certain institutional policies, practices and commitments can be changed to the betterment of the environment and the community

  • Students must be engaged and challenged
  • The curriculum must incorporate sustainability
  • Leadership in this area must come from all levels
  • The college should become a resource for the community
  • The college must recognize success and celebrate it
  • Broad-based participation is essential


  • Dina Brown
  • Jody Carson
  • Allison Cody
  • Jessica Cogswell
  • Frank Dushame
  • Thomas Fallon – co-chair
  • Melissa Fleming
  • Richard Goulet
  • Linda Hudson
  • Martha Leavitt
  • Linda Shea
  • Marcy Vozella – co-chair
  • Susan Wolfe
  • Lane Glenn (resource)

Committee Meeting Minutes