Program Review

Program Review Schedule

NECC is committed to a cyclical process of reviewing its academic programs. Each program completes a comprehensive Program Review approximately every five years.

Program Review Schedule

Please direct any questions regarding the scheduling of programs for Program Review to Sharon McDermot, Director of Academic Affairs Operations.

Programs with External Accreditation/Approval/Certification

As of Spring 2017, programs with external accreditation, approval, or certification must complete a different Program Review document than programs that are not externally accredited, approved or certified. Please open the link below to download a template of the Program Review for Programs with External Accreditation/Approval/Certification:

Program Review Template Programs with External Accreditation Approval or Certification

Programs with no External Accreditation/Approval/Certification

All other programs, including Certificate programs, must complete the Program Review document available below. Instructions for obtaining data, guidelines regarding Advisory Committees, and templates for the charts that must be included in the appendices are also available for download. For any additional questions regarding completing Program Review or obtaining supporting data, please contact Kirsten Kortz, Director of Academic Policy, Curriculum, and Assessment.

Sample Completed Program Reviews

The Program Review process and templates were revised for the 2017 review cycle.  Program Reviews completed in the old format are available in the Program Review Archive.

Program Review Summits: Presentations of Results

Program Review Summit, April 2022 

Program Review Summit, September 2021

Program Review Summit, September 2020

Program Review Summit, April 2019

Program Review Summit, April 2018

More Program Review Summit Presentations are available in the Program Review Archive.