Mass Rehabilitation Commission Information

What is the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission?

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) is the state agency that provides comprehensive services, which maximize quality of life and economic self-sufficiency, for people with disabilities through a variety of programs including Vocational Rehabilitation.

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational Rehabilitation assists people with disabilities to find or keep jobs consistent with their skills and abilities; MRC is the state agency that provides these services.

Who is eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation?

Any individual who has a physical or mental disability that prevents him/her from working or holding a job consistent with his/her abilities or running a household as a homemaker. In addition, there must be a reasonable expectation that vocational rehabilitation services can reduce or remove barriers to employment. Priority is given to those individuals who have more severe restrictions in areas such as communication, mobility, work tolerance and work skills.

What services are available?

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of work potential.
  • Guidance and counseling to identify skills, limitations, aptitudes, adjustment problems and appropriate job goals.
  • Restorative treatment and equipment such as physical, occupational or speech therapy, wheelchairs, hearing aids, artificial limbs or braces.
  • Skill training or education at schools, colleges, workshops,  on-the-job training and supported work programs.
  • Interpreter and telecommunications for the deaf.
  • Vehicles and housing modifications including ramps, lifts and hand controls.
  • Personal care assistance.
  • Job Placement assistance including developing a resume, interviewing skills and job applications as well as follow-up.

What happens once an individual is referred to MRC?

  1. The individual is assigned to a Vocational Rehabilitation counselor.
  2. The counselor and individual meet to discuss background information related to medical, educational and work history.
  3. The counselor conducts a diagnostic evaluation in order to identify abilities and limitations.
  4. The counselor makes a decision on the eligibility of the applicant based on the evaluation.
  5. The counselor provides the eligible client with guidance and counseling to identify a suitable job goal.
  6. The job goal and the specific vocational services needed are recorded on the client’s Individual Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP).

The amount of financial assistance available to secure vocational services from MRC is dependent on the client’s financial need, the severity of the disability, and the availability of funds. Career development, assessment, and job placement services are provided to all eligible clients as needed. Once a job is secured, the counselor will provide follow-up to both the client and employer.

Contact Information

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
280 Merrimack Street, 3rd floor
Lawrence, MA 01843
(Voice/TTY) 978-685-1731
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Video Phone: 978-237-5990 or 978-620-0080