Sample Syllabus Referral Statement

Dear Professors,

Northern Essex Community College is required to provide accurate and updated referral information to students. Please consider including the following sample referral language in your syllabus.

Sample Syllabus Statement:

“Northern Essex Community College is committed to providing equal access to students with documented disabilities. To ensure equal access to this class (and your program) please contact the Center for Accessibility Resources & Services (CARS) or Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DHHS) to engage in a confidential discussion about accommodations for the classroom and clinical/practicum settings.

Center for Accessibility Resources & Services (formerly Learning Accommodations Center): Serving students with documented disabilities, such as learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, autism spectrum disorders, brain injuries, chronic illness, low vision/blind, physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities and seizure disorders.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: Serving students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Accommodations are not provided retroactively. Students are encouraged to register with CARS or DHHS at the start of their program.

The Center for Accessibility Resources & Services is scheduling appointments Mondays through Fridays. Communications/meetings can be flexible based on student’s needs and may consist of the following options: Zoom, Phone, In-Person or Email.

Following CDC guidelines, all individuals are required to wear a mask, whether vaccinated or not vaccinated, while on campus to mitigate their risk of catching and spreading COVID-19.  

To get started students may contact the Center for Accessibility Resources & Services as outlined below: