Past NECC Service-Learning Project Examples

ART100 Intro to the Creative Experience:

Marc Mannheimer
NECC students engaged youth at the Boys and Girls Club in Haverhill in exploring the world through nonverbal experiences, personal to each one and with an emphasis on spontaneity, imagination, invention and flexibility.

ART130 Introduction to Digital Photography:

Lance Hidy
Peace Poetry poster design in collaboration with Paul Saint-Amand.
Students created a photographic image for the poster and booklet cover for the annual Peace Poetry event.

BIO115 Physiological Chemistry:

Michael Cross, Chemical Conversions at LHS
NECC students visited Lawrence High School and shared a presentation with freshman classes about medical dosages. They explained whether or not you can overdose on Coca Cola and taught the students how to convert dosage units.

Sharing Science with Sixth Graders

Sixth graders from Lawrence Family Development Charter School visited NECC. NECC students helped to present three different lab activities to the sixth graders to interest them in science.

COM113 Principles of Public Relations:

Amy Callahan, Promoting Service-Learning at NECC
Students connected their classroom experience to the community by interviewing NECC students, faculty and community partners who are engaged in Service-Learning. They publicized the benefits, challenges and lessons learned by conducting interviews, making videos and poster-boards, writing articles and posting on social media.

ECE 202 Expressive Learning:

Deirdre Budzyna,
ECE students designed and implemented theater, storytelling, music, and art activities. They shared these activities with the children at Emmaus Family Shelter afterschool program. The students also planned and facilitated four story times at the Lawrence Public Library.

ENG101 English Composition I:

Theresa DeFranzo, Food Insecurity

During this Early College Class at Amesbury High School, seniors taking Comp I worked with Our Neighbors Table in Amesbury around the topic of food insecurity. The students toured the facility, learned more about their community’s needs for food, and the challenges of the food pantry to meet those needs. The group volunteered at the food pantry during the semester. One student created a PSA to educate the public about the best items to donate to a food pantry.

ENG101 English Composition I:

Paula Richards, A Community Concern
For their final semester project students researched community concerns, exploring various perspectives to address them, and connecting with community organizations all with the purpose of raising awareness and sharing strategies, resources and recommendations with the community through an avenue of their choice (ex. letter writing, videos, posterboards, social media). Community concern topic examples included opioid use, DHS ‘See Something/Say Something’ campaign, domestic violence, and homelessness.

ENG103 Technical Writing:

Patricia Portanova,
This six-week group project asked students to recruit a non-profit client through a professional business letter, conduct interviews, produce a Needs Analysis Report and formal Proposal, complete a technical writing task on behalf of the client, produce weekly memos on their progress, and present their work to their peers. Fall partners included: NECC’s Community Support Services Program, Rebuilding Together Greater Haverhill, Organizacion Dominicana Recursos Internacionales (ORDI), and Labels are for Jars.

ESL034 ESL Advanced Listening & Speaking:

Amy Cameron, Senior Biography Project
Students in ESL Advanced Listening & Speaking class interviewed residents at Haverhill Crossings Senior Living about the stories of their lives. The students provided companionship to the seniors as the seniors provided an opportunity for the students to strengthen and improve their English communication skills. At the end of the project, the seniors were presented with framed gifts of their biographies, and students gave class presentations about what they had learned from the experience.

MAS 110 Medical Assisting II:

Cecilia Sederman and Cheryl Charest, Homelessness in the Merrimack Valley and Health Education
Students prepared and served a dinner to 35 homeless residents at Mitch’s place (Emmaus, Inc.). The students also taught the residents on the dangers of hypertension as well as took each person’s blood pressure. At Esperanza Academy in Lawrence, faculty and students provided state mandated health screening to all students (heights, weights, BMI’s, vision and hearing). At NECC’s Health and Wellness Fair, students prepared educational materials on the risks of hypertension, offered blood pressure screenings, provided educational materials on germs and the benefits of hand washing.

PSY201 Developmental Psychology I:

Isabelle Gagne
Students engaged in 15 hours of service with children at the organization of their choice. Fall partners included: Seabrook Elementary School, Emmaus, Inc., Butler Middle School, and Family Services of the Merrimack Valley.

RSC102 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II and the Respiratory Care Club:

Jennifer Jackson-Stevens, Drive4COPD Foundation, Emmaus Mitch’s Place, NECC Health and Wellness Fair
Students engaged with guests at Mitch’s Place homeless emergency shelter to prepare and serve dinner and provide health education sessions. They prepared materials and shared their knowledge regarding Respiratory Care at NECC’s Health and Wellness Fair and Drive4COPD. Students in this course are also members of NECC’s Respiratory Care Club.