Service-Learning Resources

Northern Essex Community College hosted a Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Professional Development Program from 2014-2022 with the goal of increasing faculty and student participation in Service-Learning, engaged learning, and civic engagement.  This professional development program offered a stipend for faculty to participate in a semester-long training to incorporate Service-Learning into their course design with guidance during S-L implementation. 

2023- forward: To promote continued growth, access, and sustainability for students and faculty to engage in Service-Learning opportunities with current and future community partners, Service-Learning resources for all faculty will be available on this site as well as in a Service-Learning Resources Community Blackboard.

Faculty can explore…

  • Projects to engage students in service activities that meet real needs in their communities and enhance their learning of their course objectives.
  • Community organizations and civic engagement professionals in their communities.
  • The value of developing and sustaining meaningful community partnerships.
  • Strategies to incorporate and implement service assignments and projects that encourage students to be civic-minded and engaged members of their local, national, and global communities.


Service-Learning: a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.
Direct Action: a type of service-learning that involves students working directly with the people, animals or the planet they are trying to help.
Indirect Action: a type of service-learning in which students work for the benefit of a population without working with that population directly
Advocacy: a type of service-learning in which students seek to make social change through grassroots, community or government action
Authentic Education: a type of learning that connects what students are taught with real-world applications

from National Geographic Service-Learning Educator’s Guide, Appendix, page 39.

At NECC we often refer to Direct and Indirect Service and Experiential Education opportunities.

Access this folder to develop your Service-Learning course.
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NECC Service-Learning Faculty Fellows

Five Service Learning Faculty Fellows with 6 framed certificates of completion on the table in front of them.
Service-Learning Faculty: Amy Cameron, Lance Hidy, Paula Richards (SLFF Coordinator), Patricia Portanova, Marc Mannheimer


  • Davann Chhem
  • Michele Cleasby
  • Fernando Castro
  • Brienna Woodworth


  • Angela Bowers
  • Maurisa Charest
  • Sarah Courchesne
  • Jacqueline Dick
  • Scott McEnelly
  • Mary Jo Shafer


  • Sheila Muller
  • Krista Titone


  • Mark Beaudry
  • Lizzie Linn Casanave
  • John Daly
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald
  • Ginger Hurajt
  • Shannon Leate-Varney


  • Mayra Bonet
  • Doris Buckley
  • Sara Codair
  • Jerome Fallon
  • Lance Hidy
  • Donna Tanner


  • Deirdre Budzyna
  • Theresa DeFranzo
  • Lisette Espinoza
  • Lori Heymans
  • Donna Johnson
  • Wendy Leeman
  • Diana Mele
  • Mark Palermo
  • Patricia Portanova
  • Rebecca Rose


  • Amy Cameron
  • Michael Cross
  • Isabelle Gagne
  • William Gleed III
  • Jennifer Jackson-Stevens
  • Amanda Kelly
  • Brian Knoth
  • Marc Mannheimer