Setting Up Courses


Required DCE content checklist

Departmental suggestions – Departments may suggest items to be added onto the syllabus in addition to the required DCE checklist.

Submission date

Your syllabus should be turned into your Division Admin by the end of the first week of classes.

Core Academic Skills Intensive Course

Courses that fall under this category

Course content requirements

Please articulate in your syllabus the “Intended Student Learning Outcomes” for the appropriate Intensive Course, which is found in the application.

Core skills rubric

Book Orders

There are three ways to submit a book adoption:

  • An instructor can go to the Bookstore Website, and scroll down to the bottom of the page and under FACULTY SERVICES click Online Adoptions. As a new user fill in all of the information required. The “store password” is 1338.
  • Call the Bookstore at 978-556-3999 and ask for assistance. They will take the information over the phone.
  • An instructor can email the Bookstore or the store manager at

You may check your course materials listing on Bookstore’s Textbook and Course Materials Website. Your department will be able to advise on when book adoptions are due.

Making Copies

Contact: Haverhill Campus E159. Email Steve DiLeo and Anne Eshbaugh at or call 978-556-3958.
Hours of Operation: M-Th 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM (First week of classes and finals week M-Th 8:30-6:00 PM) and Fri 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.

  • Large copy orders use this Reprographics form
  • Small individual copying will need a copier code specific to your department. To receive your code contact your department Administrative Assistant or Steve DiLeo.
Haverhill self-service faculty copier locations:
    • Tech Center TC218 (space inside of TC219)
    • B Building B205
    • C Building C314P and near C304A
    • E Building C159 (Reprographics office)
Lawrence self-service faculty copier locations:
      • Dimitry Building L172 and L255
      • Amesbury Street near LA103
      • El Hefni LC317
      • 420 Common Street near LH306

Final Exam Requirements

The date and time of your final exam must be articulated in your syllabus.
It is college policy and practice for all credit courses to have a final class on the date and at the time listed on the final exam schedule.

Class Roster

Your roster is found in Self Service Banner. You can access SSB by logging into My NECC.

SSB is found under Faculty & Staff Frequently Used Tools. Click on Faculty/Advisor tab, then Class List


Blackboard is the Learning Management System used at NECC to facilitate teaching and learning. In addition to its use for online teaching, BB is a fantastic tool to supplement face-to-face classes.

  • Email Center for Instructional Technology at to help set up your BB shell and provide further training

Academic Calendar

Center for Accessibility Resources & Services

You may receive an LA form from a student during the first week of school.
These are confidential disclosures and agreement discussing the specific needs of each student. Each student works with a counselor in the Center for Accessibility Resources & Services who will be your point of contact.