Required Reporting


The Financial Aid office must receive a No-Show/Non-Participation (NS/NP) to confirm a student’s participation. You will receive an email with instructions from the Registrar’s office prior to the due dates. Dates are always posted on the Academic Calendar.

NECC abides by federal and state regulations to adjust financial aid for students according to these NP rosters.

Final Grades

Final grades are due after the end of final exam period. Dates are listed on the Academic Calendar.

Class Cancellations

NECC asks faculty to notify students and your Division Administrative Assistants when they will miss class due to illness, weather, or emergency.

  • After 4:00pm, you may call Public Safety to place a note on the classroom door to notify students. Faculty are required to make up missed classes or provide alternative assignments.

In event of class cancellation or school closing, you are encouraged to use Blackboard to remotely manage your class. For more information, see Weather-Proofing Your Course

Course Requirements

Every semester faculty are required to submit their syllabi to their Division for approval. Distant learning courses (online courses) are also required to submit a Distant Education Course Interaction Plan. Distance-Education-Course-Interaction-Plan-Form-DE-2