Accounts Payable


General Accounts Payable Information

Do you need instructions on how to get reimbursed for your business-related travel? Need guidance about where to charge your business expenses? Have a question about how to process an invoice for payment? Contact Jennifer at x3929 or email

Setting Up a New Vendor

Before a department conducts business with a new vendor, the following forms must be completed by the vendor and emailed to the Procurement Department

Workforce Participation

The Commonwealth of MA has set the following goals for workforce participation for minorities and women. The participation goals for a project shall be 15.3% for minorities and 6.9% for women. The Contractor shall strive to achieve on a project the labor workforce participation goals. Participation goals shall apply in each job category on a project.

Processing an Invoice from a Vendor

All invoices should be emailed to Accounts Payable at If a purchase order was previously issued for the goods/services and the goods/services have been received, please include the purchase order number and authorization to pay the invoice in your email. Please refer to the Procurement page if you have any questions regarding purchase orders.

If a purchase order was not issued, please include the payment authorization form in your email. 

Business Travel 

It is the policy of the College to reimburse an employee for all reasonable expenses incurred while on official college business consistent with the applicable collective bargaining agreement or Human Resources personnel policies handbook, state and federal guidelines. Please review the Travel Policy for guidance regarding travel and associated reimbursements while on College business. PLEASE NOTE: An approved Travel Authorization form must be submitted in advance of all overnight travel.

Other Expense Reimbursements (Non-Travel Related)

All purchases must follow College procurement policies. In the event a College employee makes a purchase for the College using their own funds, only once deemed ordinary and necessary for official College business will the employee be reimbursed. As a tax-exempt institution, the College will not reimburse an employee for any taxes paid with their purchase.

Reimbursement requests for expenses not related to travel must be supported by scanned or original itemized receipts and submitted with the Employee Expense Reimbursement Form (Non-Travel). Online receipts are allowed.

Need to Transfer Funds between two Departments?

Hiring an Independent Contractor

See the Procurement page.




  • Index Chart of Accounts – Index numbers help the college identify the type of expense incurred and are used by the college for financial reporting and planning purposes.
  • Vendor List – NECC vendor I.D. numbers purchase requisitions. Updated daily.