Accounts Payable

Accounting & Finance maintains the general ledger of the college; pays all the bills of the college, including employee reimbursements; manages all revenue, cash and investment assets; and prepares the annual financial statements of the college.

Do you need instructions for how to get reimbursed for your business-related travel?  Need guidance about where to charge your business expenses?  Want to understand more about state policies and procedures regarding money?  The accounting team is here to help, contact Kim at  x3929 or

Hiring an independent contractor?

See Procurement page

Processing an invoice from a vendor?

If a Purchase Order was previously issued for the goods/services, simply sign the invoice to verify that services have been received, and return the invoice to Accounts Payable, B216. 

For invoices not related to a previously issued purchase order, you will need:

Questions about business travel expenses?

Other expense reimbursements (non-travel related)

Questions about a specific accounting policy?

Making a deposit?