Procurement can assist you with any and all purchases you make on behalf of NECC.  As an entity of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, NECC is required to comply with Mass. State Procurement guidelines.  Use of state approved vendors is encouraged.  The advantage of using these vendors is realized in significant cost savings.

To verify if a selected vendor is on one of the state-approved lists, please refer to the following links:

COMMBUYS (OSD state contracts), MHEC (Mass. Higher Ed. Consortium), E & I (Education & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing)

Questions?  Contact Beth Donovan (X3940) or Katie Donnelly (X3692) or email:

Need to make a purchase?

Procurement Resource/Reference Documents

Contact Beth (x3940) or Katie (x3692) or email to additional questions or to schedule a training session.

Office & Toner Supplies

The NECC office supply store offers basic office supplies and commonly used toner cartridges available for quick and easy access.  See below for supply lists and supply requisition form. Contact Tom Goulet, (x3996) with NECC office supply store questions.

Negotiating a contract/agreement for goods or services?

All contracts/agreements/leases should be sent to the procurement office for review and processing and should be accompanied by the a completed Contract Agreement Workflow Cover sheet.  Please see below for instructions and template.   Contact Beth (x3940) or Katie (x3692) with any questions. 

Supplemental Forms as needed

Hiring an independent contractor?

Are you sure?  State and Federal laws have become very specific about the need to clearly define employment status when hiring contractors.  The first step is to complete this test to determine if the person is truly “independent.”

  • Employment Status form -(a simple “test” to determine if you’re hiring an independent contractor or contract employee)
  • NECC Policy (contract employee vs. independent contractor)
    1. If you’ve completed the “test” and answered “no” to any of the questions, you are actually hiring a “contract employee” and therefore must work with Human Resources on next steps. 
    2. If you’ve completed the test and answered “yes” to the ALL of the questions, then you are procuring an independent contractor and will need the following:
  • Independent Service Contract (ISC) -Complete the Independent Service Contract as obtain signature from Independent contractor and the NECC department supervisor.  Forward to Procurement for processing.
  • w-9– Obtain completed w9 from vendor and forward to procurement along with ISC.