NECC Voices 2012 – 2015

In Voices: 2012-2015 you will find a Vision Statement that describes the highest aspirations of the college, as well as statements of our Core Values conveying who we are and how we pursue our work. You will also find descriptions that build upon some important other plans and activities we are involved in, such as Achieving the Dream, our recently completed NEASC Self-Study, and the Massachusetts Vision Project for Higher Education, including:

Strategic Directions: Broad statements about some of our most important commitments that each division, department, and area of the college will be asked to use as guides in planning and allocating resources.

Strategic Goals: More specific statements about initiatives and activities that are important to us, and that we will work toward together. These goals will be given high priority for planning, allocating resources, forming teams, and monitoring progress over the next three years.


Strategic Goal Team Calendar of Meetings

Strategic Planning Steering Committee Members


Team Meeting Dates/Minutes

Amy Callahan, Noemi Custodia-Lora, Tom Fallon, Tina Favara, Francesca Gilkey, Lane Glenn, Bill Heineman, Rick Lizotte, Linda Meccouri, Dawna Perez, Chuck Phair, Mark Reinhold, Janice Rogers, Lauren Scott, Wendy Shaffer, Michael Swiniarski, and Marcy Yeager

Steering Committee Minutes

Steering Committee Templates

Steering Committee Reports

Mark Reinhold

Wendy Shaffer


Strategic Goals

Goal Leader(s)

Goal Team Meeting Dates


Develop a Comprehensive Urban Campus in Downtown Lawrence

Noemi Custodia-Lora

Maria Carles


Improve Student Learning, Retention, and Graduation Rates

Bill Heineman

Rick Lizotte

Dawna Perez

Wed, August 19, 2015
From 3:00 to 4:00 pm, SC213


Improve Academic Support Services

Janice Rogers


Improve Student Career Preparation

Dawna Perez


Expand a “Culture of Learning” Across the College

Linda Meccouri

Marcy Yeager