Team Members

Integrated Student Experience

Bill Heineman (Co-Chair), Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Jennifer Fielding (Co-Chair), Library
Barbara Stachniewicz (Co-Chair), English
Niurka Aybar, Access and Community Building
Richard Brown, Buildings and Grounds
Stephanie Bryszkowski, Student Engagement Center
Kim Burns, Center for Professional Development
Jody Carson, Early Childhood
Ariel Chicklis, Student Activities
Janel D’agata-Lynch, Student Success
Elizabeth Donovan, Accounting and Finance
Jeanmarie Ducharme (student)
Mary Farrell, Health Professions
Tina Favara, Enrollment Services
Christopher Firth, IT-MIS
Alexis Fishbone, Financial Aid
Francesca Gilkey, Institutional Research and Planning
Ann Grandmaison, Library
Sandra Guy, iHealth
Michael Hearn, Library
Lance Hidy, Art Design and Photography
Scott Lancaster, EMS
Debra LaValley, Student Success
Richard Lizotte, Academic Preparation
Brian MacKenna-Rice, Human Services
Daniel Malave, Student Life
Susan Martin, Learning Accommodations
Sharon McDermot, Academic and Student Affairs
Deborah McKinney, DHHS
Louise Michaud, Testing Center
Laura Mondt, Library
Lynne Nadeau, Tutoring Center
Revathi O’Neal, Enrollment Services
Dawna Perez, Access and Community Building
Janice Rogers, Academic Preparation
Kelly Saretsky, Institutional Research and Planning
Joan Scionti, Business Systems
Michele Simon, Marketing and Communications
Vengerflutta Smith, Admissions Recruitment
Kelly Sullivan, Technology, Arts and Professional Studies
Joseph Tardif, Athletics
Judith Zubrow, Liberal Arts


Haverhill · 100 Elliott Street · Haverhill, MA 01830 · 978-556-3000
Lawrence · 45 Franklin Street, 78 Amesbury Street, 414 Common Street, 420 Common Street · Lawrence, MA 01840
Riverwalk · 360 Merrimack Street · Lawrence, MA 01843

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