Team Members

External Partnerships

Ernie Greenslade (Co-Chair), Public Relations
Elle Yarborough (Co-Chair), English
Melba Acevedo, Academic Technology
Donna Bertolino, Testing Center
Kelly Boylan, Academic Preparation
Rich Brown, Buildings and Grounds
Amy Callahan, English
Irene Chalek, CAEPP
Paul Chanley, Math and Engineering
Noemi Custodia-Lora, VP of Lawrence Campus and Community Relations
Adam Cutler, Vocational Education Grants
Jay Fallon, Global Studies
Mary Farrell, Health Professions
Donna Felisberto, Testing Center
Allison Gagne
Margaret Glenn, Writing Center
Cheryl Goodwin, President’s Office
Despina Lambropoulos, Financial Aid
Martha Leavitt, Lawrence Campus
Heather Mores, Enrollment Services
George Moriarty, Workforce Development and Corporate Relations
Theresa Mullin, IT-MIS
Kristen Quinn, Business Administration
Danny Richer, Admissions Recruitment
Vengerflutta Smith, Admissions Recruitment
Erin Willett, Institutional Advancement
Suzanne Van Wert, English
Marcy Yeager, Natural Science
Grace Young, Advising Center