Interpreting/Communication Access Services

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services coordinates communication access services (interpreting, Speech to Text, CART, etc) for ongoing classes, tutorials, advising sessions, meetings, co-curricular activities and other College sponsored activities as requested and approved.

All service providers are professionals who are credentialed (i.e. by the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) or have passed a state quality assurance screening.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services approval is required prior to delivery/payment of services.

NOTE: Due to fiscal constraints, NECC will no longer schedule interpreters automatically for campus gatherings.  If you are planning a meeting or gathering and have invited or expect individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to attend, please  request an interpreter in advance.

Renewal of services is required each semester. This applies to all credit and non-credit courses as well as ongoing campus activities and events. Remember that everyone shares the responsibility for ensuring communication access to events, programs and services at NECC.


Your attention to the following guidelines would be most appreciated:

  1. When advertising an event, add the following to your advertisements:

  2. “To request a Sign Language Interpreter, please contact XXXXX XXXXX at email xxxxxx or call 978-556-XXXX”
    Also add this interpreter image.

    Fill in contact information for event “host” so participants are able to request interpreter services. An event host can request interpreting services as soon as attendance is confirmed. (See step 2 below)

    DO NOT post the interpreter symbol without the accompanying message above or consumers will assume the event will be automatically interpreted (without a request).

    Request Interpreting/Speech to Text Services

  3. To file a Request for Services:

  4. Complete the request form online by clicking on the image to the right

    The Accommodations Scheduler will confirm your request.

    One week advance notice is appreciated as it has become increasingly more difficult to secure services without advanced notice. We will do our best to cover all requests, however, coverage can never be guaranteed.


Email: or

Phone: 978-556-3897


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