Actions and Resources for Resolving Student Issues

NECC Student Safety Net

Contacts for Resolving Student Issues
Resource Description Contact
Counseling If a student is in need of mental health counseling. Marcia Winters
L.C.S.W., L.M.H.C., coordinator of counseling
978-556-3644, D117
Social Services Referral If a student is experiencing outside challenges that impede academic progress and needs referral to appropriate community resource (and is Not in immediate difficulty)

Stephanie Wares
academic advisor/community referral

Jeidy Urena
success coach

Care and Concern Team If a student displays change of behavior (and it is NOT an emergency)

The Care and Concern Outreach Team

Tina Favara
Interim dean of student life, code of conduct officer SC103A/D105

Daniel J. Malavé
Director of Student Life and Student Conduct Administrator L121

Learning Accommodations If a student needs services or support for a documented learning, psychiatric, developmental, or other disability

Learning Accommodations

Susan Martin
Director, SC111

If a student is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Deb McKinney
Manager, SC110
978-241-7045 (VP/V)

Sexual Violence Allegations of sexual violence: sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking

Justine Caron
Coordinator of Title IX, Director of human resources, B219

PUBLIC SAFETY: 978-556-3333 OR X3333 from any campus phone


Code of Conduct, Student Grievance, and Reporting Abuse
Resource Description Contact
Code of Conduct Issues If there is a discipline issue with a student or a student violates the NECC Code of Conduct:

Daniel J. Malavé
Director of Student Life and Student Conduct Administrator, D105

Student Grievances

If a student has a grievance related to a perceived injustice:


Tina Favara
Interim dean of student life, SC103A/D105
code of conduct officer

Daniel J. Malavé
Director of Student Life and Student Conduct Administrator, SC103A/D105

Students with grade disputes are referred to the academic dean.

Reporting Abuse If you are given information that a child, elder, or person with a disability is being abused you are required by law to report the abuse:

Call Department of Children and Families,
Lawrence: 978-557-2500
Haverhill: 978-469-8800

Call the 24-hour hotline to report elder abuse, 800-922-2275

Call the disabled persons protection commission, 800-426-9009 V/TTY

Domestic Violence:
If a student reports that they are a victim of domestic violence by a partner, contact: