Program Level Outcomes Assessment


The current process being used for outcomes assessment work at NECC formally began in the fall of 2005. At that time, a Guide for Developing and Implementing an Outcomes Assessment Plan was written to assist faculty in this work.

The NECC outcomes assessment process begins with the development of a program outcomes and curriculum map, typically done in conjunction with a program review. The outcomes and curriculum map lists program objectives and associated desired learning outcomes along with courses in the program’s curriculum related to those outcomes.

Each year, programs conduct assessments related to selected outcomes. Assessment results are analyzed and interpreted, and appropriate action plans developed. Faculty work on and present results at an Annual Assessment Day each October. Results are collected each spring in the NECHE E-series form.

To support outcomes and assessment work, the Assessment of Student Learning Committee, consisting of staff, faculty, and administrators is available.

NECHE E-Series Forms

General Outcomes Assessment Guide

Program Outcomes and Curriculum Maps

Assessment Activities and Tools

Please consult the Archive of Assessment Activities and Tools page for assessment work, as well as tools and guidelines, developed and/or completed prior to 2016.