Smoke-Free Environment Policy


Northern Essex Community College recognizes the medical evidence that indicates that smoking is a serious health hazard, and that this hazard includes those exposed to secondhand smoke. Where a primary responsibility of the College is to provide a safe and healthful working and learning environment, this responsibility has led to the following proposed amended policy:

The policy establishes the College as a smoke free environment at Northern Essex Community College and for the purpose of this policy smoking includes the burning of tobacco or any other material in any type of smoking equipment, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or other devices such as e-cigarettes, or vaporizers. Smoking is prohibited within the confines of all college grounds, buildings and property including college vehicles. Smoking will only be allowed in private vehicles lawfully parked on campus lots that the smoker is authorized to be in.

Effective implementation of the policy depends on the courtesy, respect and cooperation of all members of the campus community. Complaints concerning employees of the College should be brought to the attention of the employee’s immediate supervisor, or in the alternative, to the Public Safety Department, which will simultaneously work with the Human Resources Department. Complaints concerning students should be brought to the attention of a campus security officer, who may refer the matter to the College’s Code of Conduct Officer, and any official actions taken will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Disciplinary measures will be taken for repeat infractions or infractions that interfere with the College’s academic or workplace needs or responsibilities. Visitors who fail to comply with the policy may be prohibited from remaining on or returning to campus.