Selection Process

The Center for Professional Development and Academic Affairs collaborate to initiate the process, publicize the awards with our public relations department and facilitate the attendance of the NISOD recipients to the conference.

The NISOD recipients have a proud legacy at NECC and we are vigilant about promoting the importance of this honor. The decision is generally made in early January and announced at the Spring semester Convocation in mid-January.

NECC NISOD Selection Process:

In October, a memo is sent to each associate and assistant dean. The associate deans are asked to identify two full-time and one part-time person from their respective areas. In developing their recommendations, they consider the advice of the assistant deans, department chairs, coordinators and faculty who may have knowledge of the work of candidates.

The criteria are as follows:

Demonstrated and sustained passion for and recognition by their peers for their commitment to:

  • Teaching
  • Student Success
  • Learning
  • Community involvement (includes within the college or outside the college)
  • Creativeness/inventiveness


  • Full-time faculty should be in their sixth year, full-time at NECC
  • Part-time faculty can be considered after 7-8 years of combined part-time and full-time employment at NECC