Social Justice Award

What is the Social Justice Award?

The Social Justice Award recognizes individuals, groups, departments or initiatives that promote values such as a commitment to equity and diversity or the advancement of human rights and social justice.

The recipient (s) will be recognized at Commencement Ceremony; will receive a personalized plaque; and will have their name(s) listed on the NECC Social Justice plaque to be hung a public place near the person(s)’ office location.

A one-time grant of $1,961 is awarded for one year to the faculty, staff, or department for projects that directly serve students and enhance social justice initiatives at the college. Please see the FAQs for more information on allowable expenses.

Nomination Criteria and Process


Individuals, groups, departments or initiatives led by NECC faculty and staff are eligible for nomination. If an individual, we recommend employees who have been employed at the college for one year or more be considered eligible.

Individuals or groups who meet one or more of the following criteria are considered for the award:

  • Displays commitment to equity and diversity, including race, ethnicity, religion, ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and other areas of inclusion in the campus community.
  • Incorporates diverse values and perspectives in the classroom, curriculum, or co-curricular activities.
  • Advocates for change designed to improve the learning and working environments for individuals from underrepresented communities.
  • Promotes the advancement of human rights and social justice through involvement on campus and/or the external community.

Nomination Process and Notification

Nominations will be solicited in early February from NECC faculty and staff.  Nominations will be submitted via this form . The nominees will be reviewed by the Social Justice Award Committee.  A proposed candidate, along with the other nominees, will be presented to the NECC President.  The NECC President will have final approval of the award recipient. All nominations are due by March 1 and the award recipient will be notified by mid-April. The award will be presented at Commencement.

Conflict of Interest:  When a Social Justice Award committee member is nominated and/or chooses to make a nomination, they recuse themselves voting on the committee for that year.  In the event of a tie for selection within the committee, a substitute committee member will be added.

This award is a shared collaboration between the President’s Office, the Office of Civic Engagement and Center for Professional Development.


Please contact:

Janel D’Agata-Lynch at 978-556-3471 or