SFIG Participants

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Universal Course Design and Teaching Visual Learners SFIG Faculty and Student Academic Motivation SFIG
SFIG Co-Coordinators: Lance Hidy and Susan Martin
Molly Boyle (UMass Boston Universal Design Project Coordinator)
Lori Cooney (UMass Boston)
Christine DeRosa
Tom Greene
Rick Lizotte
Diana Mele
Linda Murphy
Linda Shea
Magdalena Suarez-Shannon
Susan Tashjian
Faculty Stipends Participants:
Sheila Kane- Instructor Nursing
Paul Zipper- Adjunct Professor
Criminal Justice
Marcella Spruce- English Language
Linda Murphy- Curriculum Coordinator, Instructor Developmental Math
Dave Fagerstrom- Adjunct Instructor
William Gleed- Adjunct Instructor
Mike Cross- Instructor Science
Dawn Zapata – Instructor
Rhonda Kitabjian – Instructor
SFIG Coordinator: Kirsten Kortz
To be announced
Reading for Understanding SFIG Hispanic/Male Students in Foundational Courses SFIG
SFIG Coordinator: Patricia Schade
SFIG Coordinator:Jorge Santiago
Acknowledgement: Charles Diggs (Former Co-Coordinator)