Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

Read an article on the history of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning at NECC: by Judith Kamber

The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Year-End Project Reports:

Spring 2008-Spring 2009

Fall 2005-Spring 2007

Spring 2004-Spring 2005:

View a brief report of each participant’s project idea (PDF)

  • Assessment of Learning Communities through the Student Responsibility Survey: By Sandra DeVellis
  • Teaching teachers the ideal classroom setting: By Jennifer Hawrylciw
  • Writing community text: By Ginger Hurajt
  • The effect of learning styles on teaching in the disciplines: By Richard Lizotte
  • Using mindfulness exercises in the classroom to improve learning: By George Medelinskas
  • What students actually learn in our English Composition classes: By Stephen Mathis
  • Service-learning for ESL students to improve language acquisition: By Jacqueline Pena
  • Creating community online: By Barbara Stachniewicz