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Starfish Two-Minute Videos

The following are links to Starfish 2-minute videos on their YouTube channel to help you to:

Some Facts about Fall 2016:  

  • Faculty raised a total of 2,582 flags and 5,040 Kudos
  • 5,179 was the number of unique students receiving a flag or Kudos
  • 17 Faculty members are using  Starfish to take attendance versus 11 last year
  • 487 students logged in to Starfish for the first time, 37 more uploaded or updated a photo
  • 370 Instructors created or updated their Starfish profile since 2014, 22 of which were since this past September. Were you one of them? Upload a photo—Don’t let your students see an empty silhouette head in their Success Network. Seeing your face in Starfish will add to their sense of connection.