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1. Continue to enhance the delivery of tutoring services across the college Improve Tutoring Center communication with faculty regarding academic issues Faculty who have worked with the Tutoring Center in the past will be receiving an invitation to join an advisory group. This group will convene two or three times per academic year. Its purpose would be to maximize communication about academics. Tutoring Center staff would learn from faculty what types of academic changes to expect and what the faculty’s priorities are for student support. We hope that faculty will also benefit from learning what and how tutoring services are provided, and that members of the advisory board would serve as liaisons to their respective department’s other faculty members.
Define the role of Supplemental Instruction at NECC A data review is underway to determine the parameters of SI, including likely number of classes per semester and content areas for those classes. A written summary of the conclusions will be provided early in the Spring 2015 semester.
2. Scale up academic support services that lead to improved student success Provide embedded tutoring for modularized developmental math classes Modularized developmental math classes allow students to advance at their own pace in the curriculum as they demonstrate competency in each skills module. Classes are held in a computer lab where the instructor is assisted by an embedded tutor. Students may complete one or more courses within the same semester without extra fees and receive credit for the highest level completed. 13 sections were offered in Fall 2014. In Spring 2013, Fall 2013 and Spring 2014, 71 students in mod classes completed 2 courses in 1 semester. Of the students passing 2 courses in fall 2013, 58% took a higher level math course the following semester, and 82% of these students successfully passed the higher-level course. This allows students to enter their program of study sooner.
3. Upgrade the Degree Works Environment and Application Separate and create virtual environments for PROD and TEST Completed fall 2014.
Upgrade to 4.1.3 Completed fall 2014.
Train on new features and scribing In process.

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