Core Values

Student Engagement

We are committed to fully engaging our students as active learners by providing a diverse range of educational experiences.


We are committed to developing productive, collaborative relationships within the college and among our various constituencies in the greater Merrimack Valley.

Personal and Professional Growth

We are committed to the personal and professional growth of faculty, staff, and students alike. We believe that lifelong learning is essential to the personal enrichment and professional growth of each individual.


We are committed to fostering mutual respect that enables faculty, staff, and students to grow and work together in a supportive environment of shared governance, open communication, and fairness.

Culture of Inclusion

Northern Essex Community College strives to be a model of diversity and inclusion; the campus community reflects the layers of cultural and self-identity that proudly make up our region, nation, and world. We respect, value, and celebrate the strengths, characteristics, and perspectives of all and promote an inclusive environment that leverages the unique contributions of each individual, group, and organization into all aspects of our work.

Access and Opportunity

We are committed to providing affordable access to educational opportunity.


We are committed to a high standard of educational excellence in teaching and learning. Nothing less than the best will do for and from our students and ourselves.