MTVu Message Requirements

How to Submit Your MTVu Request

To submit your MTVu message request, please complete and submit the MTVu Request Form.
If you have questions regarding formatting your message, please contact the Student Engagement Center, at or phone ext. 3731.

There are two formats you may choose from to submit your message to MTVu:

  • By submitting a text message
  • By uploading an image file or;

Text Message Guidelines

  • Length of Message:

    • Title/Heading: 20 characters long
    • Body: 25 characters per line / 3 lines max

Image File Guidelines

  • File Types Accepted:

    • PDF files are not supported
  • Image Sizes:

    • In pixels (width x height): 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 or 853 x 480
    • In inches (width x height): 26.667″ x 15.006″ or 17.778″ x 10.004″ or 11.847″ x 6.667″
  • Sample Images (click image for full view):