Quantitative Reasoning Assessment – 2012-13 Academic Year

In NECC’s fourth year of institutional-level assessment, the HOAP (Help for Outcomes Assessment Plans) Committee, comprised of faculty and administrators, decided to assess Quantitative Reasoning (QR), employing the same process used last year: identify students with 45 – 59 credits, contact their instructors, and then inquire about whether an appropriate assignment will be collected. It was acknowledged that it may be difficult to find classes which include QR assignments. AAC&U’s Quantitative Literacy VALUE rubric was selected for product evaluation because it aligned with the Quantitative Reasoning criteria defined by our Core Academic Skills committee.

Three raters were recruited; two are Math Department faculty members, and the third is an Economics professor. Results are summarized in the Report on Year IV Institutional Level Assessment: Quantitative Reasoning Spring 2013.