Global Awareness and Quantitative Reasoning Assessment – 2010-11 Academic Year

For the Year II Institutional Assessment, the institutional assessment co-chairs created a uniform assignment that would tap into the abilities described in two outcomes developed by the Core Academic Skills Assessment Committee, namely Global Awareness and Quantitative Reasoning.  The assignment created was a scenario which presented a real-world problem faced by the United States; a graphical display of information relevant to solving the problem; and brief descriptions of situations in six fictional counties including information on political, economic and cultural factors. 

The method used involved identifying students and their classes and enlisting the assistance of the class instructors who were asked to administer the assessment to all students in their classes.   Three faculty members with backgrounds in social studies or mathematics were recruited to assist with the ratings of the collected student products by applying a rubric specifically developed for this assignment. 

Based on the ratings, the conclusion was that student skills in the two core skill areas assessed fall short – often far short – of demonstrating a satisfactory level.

Results are summarized in the Report on Year II Institutional Level Assessment–Global Awareness and Quantitative Reasoning– Spring 2011