Communication Assessment – 2009-10 Academic Year

In the fall of 2009, the Assistant Dean of Academic Program Review and Assessment and the Chair of the Liberal Arts Department were charged with implementing the institutional-level assessment of Communication, which had been translated to focus on writing skills. This pilot test was conducted in the spring of 2010. In general, the process involved identifying instructors who had in one or more of their classes students who had earned a specified number of NECC credit hours. Further, these instructors must have developed, or were willing to develop, a writing assignment in their classes which could be assessed using the Rubric for Assessing Writing Skills at the Institutional Level. Instructors agreeing to participate next submitted writing samples from the identified students. In the summer of 2010, a team of raters with writing expertise applied the rubric to the collected products. Results are summarized in the Report on Year 1 Institutional Level Assessment – Communication (Writing Skills) – Spring 2010.