Assessment of Student Learning Committee

The Assessment of Student Learning Committee was established to support assessment practices across the campus by offering opportunities to share assessment related strategies, discuss institutional and program assessment reports, propose recommendations on assessment activities, develop assessment processes, plan for Assessment Day activities, and provide assessment related professional development. 

Committee Members
Kirsten Kortz, Co-chair Director of Academic Policy, Curriculum, and Assessment
Scott Joubert, Co-chair Professor: Criminal Justice/Assessment Faculty Fellow
Melba Acevedo Director of Instructional Technology and Online Learning
Kimberly Burns Dean of Academic Innovations and Professional Development
Amy Callahan Dean of Liberal Arts
Sarah Courchesne Professor, Department Chair of Natural Sciences
Richard Lizotte Professor Academic Preparation: ESL
Habib Maagoul Professor, Department Chair of Mathematics 
Brian Rice MacKenna-Rice Professor, Department Chair of Human Services
Laura Mondt Coordinator of Library Services
Ellen Yarborough Professor, Department Chair of English
Sharon McDermot Academics and Student Affairs, Chief of Staff