NECC Employees & Students Responsibilities and Rights

Faculty/Staff/Administrators Responsibilities and Rights

  • College’s obligation begins by campus-wide dissemination of appropriate services and equal access information.
  • Provision of accommodations as recommended by Learning Accommodations Center (LA Center); implemented by faculty and/or LA Center.
  • Acceptance of the existence of disability when accommodations have been authorized by the LA Center.
  • Implement compliance responsibilities under Federal statutes and Regulations, Public Law 101-336-Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) and Public Law 93-112, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504.
  • College’s obligation starts when student self identifies and requests services.
  • Inform students about services and the LA Center; e.g., in the syllabus.
  • If a student does not want to be identified to the LA Center, you are only obligated to give information about services: you are not obligated independently to determine or implement accommodations.
  • Accommodations need to be determined and recommended by the LA Center only.

Student Responsibilities and Rights

  • Requesting, setting up, implementing, maintaining, modifying and reviewing his/her accommodations before, during, and at the end of each semester.
  • Finding out the responsibilities and policies involved in managing one’s accommodations throughout the semester.
  • Providing advance notice in a timely manner when requesting an accommodation.
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with faculty and LA Center staff when managing ongoing classroom and testing accommodations.
  • Signing the Semester Contract when requesting services and advisor and faculty receive notification of approved learning accommodations/services.
  • Maintaining academic standards.
  • Providing feedback in a timely manner to the LA Center on the effectiveness of accommodations and their implementation.
  • Understanding accommodations do not guarantee successful learning.
  • Following College’s Academic and Code of Conduct policies.
  • Communication with advisor/advising center about program major requirements.