Using Facebook

Before you get started – should you have a Facebook page?

Social media is not always the answer. There are a few questions you should ask yourself before creating a Facebook page:

  • What are my goals? How will I measure them?
  • Who will maintain the Facebook page? How often?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What will my content be?
  • Would these be served better using traditional communication vehicles?

Do your research

  • What are other groups/brands like mine doing?
  • How much success are they having (numbers/interactions)?
  • How often are they updating?

Yup, I want to use Facebook!

Once you’ve decided you want a Facebook page you need to determine:

  • How will I stay consistent with my brand?
  • Should I do a page, profile or a group? (They are all different!)
  • What privacy setting should I use?
  • How will I promote the page?

Creating an NECC Sub page: How do I?

Setting up a Page

For setting up a page that is branded with Northern Essex, please fill out the online communications request form. A member form the Online Communications team will contact you within 3 business days.

Adding administrators

From your page, choose “Edit Page.” Click on the link on the “Admins” box that says “Add.” You can choose from the list of your friends or enter email addresses.

Customizing Your Page

Using “Edit Page” link.

  • Settings: You can choose to limit the age, country and public settings of your page. As a general rule, you will not want to set limits for country or age (special circumstances may apply). Make sure your settings read “Published (publicly visible).
  • Wall Settings: Make sure your default view is for posts by page and fans. The whole point of this is to get other people talking about you. You can change “Fan Permissions” here, but we recommend allowing all interactions.
  • Mobile: Not really for beginners, but if you want to update your page from your cell phone, this area is for you.
  • Applications: This section will change based on what you have added to your page. Some are developed by Facebook (Photos, Videos, Links, Notes, Discussion Boards, etc.), but there are many options for you to browse through. You can choose where the application will go on your page by clicking “Application Settings.” You can add an application as a box, a tab, or both.

Editing from your Page.

When you hover over the top-right corner of a section on your page, an “edit” link will appear.

  • Adding a picture. Do this by clicking the “Change Picture” link that appears when you hover your mouse above the upper right corner of the default picture in the upper left corner of your page. Make sure you use a photo or graphic that you have permission to use – many found online have copyright restrictions. Tip: Make sure you’re photo is engaging. A logo or picture of a building is OK, pictures of people are better.
  • Info tab: Enter the basic information about who or what you are representing. Make sure your Web address starts with

Adding Content

Content should be updated at least once a day. Even if you just comment on a post or answer a question, updates show fans that the page is active and that they should continue to check back. Tip: Brainstorm a list of possible content updates that would be relevant to your followers.

  • Update your status. Engage followers by asking questions and soliciting input.
  • Add multimedia content. Photos and videos are a great way to showcase your program. And they don’t have to be perfect; some of the most commented and tagged photos are of crowds or other large groups of people. You can upload one photo to your wall or create an album.
  • Publish events. You can create a calendar of upcoming events.

Promoting your Page

Review Facebook’s regulations of Page promotion so that you don’t violate the rules.

  • Start with who you know. Invite your Facebook friends to fan your page, or send e-mails to colleagues. Contact College Communications to add a link from the main BCC Facebook Page.
  • Reference your Facebook Page. Whenever you send out communications – electronic and printed – tell people about your page. Add it to your e-mail signature.
  • Interact on the main NECC Facebook Page. Probably a lot of your audience is already a fan of the main page. Build your audience there.