Content Strategy Guidelines

Learning the ins and outs of social media takes time. Following these guidelines will help assure you are being an effective communicator for the College:

Don’t be too formal

A certain degree of informality is expected in Facebook. When you write something, write it how you would actually say it.

Be smart

You are representing an institution of higher learning. It’s ok to use internet shorthand (e.g., lol, imho, btw), but pay close attention to your spelling and grammar.

Be friendly

If someone comments on something you post or posts directly to your wall, acknowledge them through a comment. This makes people happy and more likely to comment or post again.

A good use of informal tone and a prompt response to a student comment.

Be responsive

When a question is asked on your page, answer it as soon as you can. If you don’t know the answer, provide contact information for someone who can.

Don’t be afraid of criticism

If someone makes a comment or posts on your wall and the content is critical of the College, don’t automatically delete it. Unless the person is being overly aggressive or abusive, it’s ok for them to air a legitimate concern. Try and help the person resolve their problem.

Be relevant

Your posts should relate directly to the business of your department. Don’t post items that are better covered by another department’s page, indulge in trivialities, or share materials that could be considered offensive in any way. Content should always be suitable for all ages.

Keep it positive

Focus on sharing good news and opportunities that will be helpful to constituents of the College. Do not post on controversial topics that are likely to invite critics or heated debate.

Delete the obvious stuff

If content that is clearly irrelevant or inappropriate gets posted to your page, delete it. Contact the Director of Online Communications if you need help deciding.

Ask for help

The Online Communications Department is only a phone call away and always ready to answer your questions. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call Nathan Gilbert, 978-556-3952.