Social Media

Most institutions of higher education are now using Facebook, Twitter (and other social media) for official purposes at some level. While this is a relatively new phenomenon, the opportunities are unmistakable: a low-cost channel for communicating with constituents, a convenient way to provide customer service to current and potential students with questions about their education, and a means for the College to honor its commitment to being as accessible as possible to the community it serves.

Facebook is by far the most popular of the social media services (one in three Americans has an account), and fifty-percent of users are between the ages of 18-34 – a demographic that syncs well with the College’s traditional and non-traditional student populations. While email is now regarded as an “old” way to communicate by many younger Americans, their interest in Facebook is growing at a rapid clip. Put simply, the students are there, we should be too.

While the argument for using social media is strong, the College must move down this new path responsibly. To that end we have crafted this site to enable you and your department to engage with students in this new channel. I hope you find it a useful resource – not just for clearly defining the boundaries – but as a source of guidance for becoming an effective online communicator for the College.