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WordPress Guides

The full version of the guide is handy for new NECC Editors, and as a reference. It contains a linked table of contents, and web accessibility is added in where needed.

This is not meant as a replacement for official training. You must attend a WordPress training to get access to edit on the sites.

NECC Editors’ WordPress Guide with Web Accessibility techniques (PDF)

Quick Sheets

Quick sheets are for our editors that have already had training and need a quick reminder on one area. Please note you must have training and permission to edit media.

  • Web Documents (PDF) – When to add a PDF verses a page and why or why not. Also a mandatory checklist of requirements for PDFs.
  • Replacing PDFs (PDF) – How to use the Replace Media feature to replace your PDF document without having to edit multiple links on multiple pages. this is the recommended way to replace media.
  • What Are Shortcodes (PDF)– Shortcodes are a new feature of the NECC main website. This guide explains what they are, how to recognize them, and edit them.

Accessibility Guides

More Information about Accessible Media, and links to outside resources and guides, and available at Accessible Media at NECC.

PDF (And Microsoft Word) Document Accessibility

When creating a PDF, which is frequently done in Microsoft Word it is best to create the Word Document as accessible as possible. The guide below will help you do that. Some Items still will need to be checked and fixed in Adobe Acrobat, but if you start with an accessible word document you are more likl;ey to have an accessible PDF, and  will have much less to do in Acrobat.

Making Microsoft WORD Documents Accessible During Creation (PDF)

Please note: This guide does not include making a PDF form.

Other Guides