Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IR & P) at NECC is to provide and coordinate accurate, usable information for planning, reporting, administration and assessment of academic and administrative programs in support of the strategic plan, as well as ongoing institutional improvement.


Institutional research is broadly defined as a range of activities involving the collection, analysis and interpretation of information descriptive of the institution and its activities, including its students, staff, programs, management and operations. The findings of institutional research will assist academic and administrative areas by enabling these areas to engage in informed planning and decision-making.

The primary activities of the office can be grouped into five functional areas.

Reporting: Compile, analyze, and report a broad range of institutional data for federal and state agencies in accordance with mandated schedules.

Planning: Support, contribute, and monitor as appropriate, the strategic planning process by providing appropriate and necessary data and reports.

Research: Conduct research to assess the expectations and satisfaction of students. Provide benchmarks and data to assess progress toward the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) stated in the Institutional Effectiveness Plan. Provide information/reports to faculty and staff as needed. Support divisional strategic and operational plans with appropriate data. Provide comparisons with peer institutions, and monitor progress over time. Coordinate various feasibility and impact studies.

Assessment/Program Review: Support the teaching and learning mission by working with faculty and the Office of Academic Program Review and Assessment. Provide data collection, organization and presentation in support of outcomes assessment and academic program review.

Accreditation: Collect and maintain required institutional data for regional and professional accreditation. Assist in the preparation of accreditation documents and reports.

The services of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning are available to all faculty, program coordinators, administrators, and staff that need assistance in developing and implementing a strategy to help with understanding and improving their areas.