Institutional Effectiveness Task Force

Mission Statement

Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is a cyclical, ongoing process of continuous improvement. It enables a college to plan, make informed decisions, and allocate resources by systematically collecting, assessing, and acting on data relative to how well the institution is achieving its mission and purposes. An institution’s capability to assess its effectiveness and to act on that assessment, are crucial indicators of institutional quality, integral to meeting the standards for NEASC accreditation, individual program accreditations, and various reporting requirements.

Full Circle
Full Circle

The essence and importance of establishing a culture of inquiry is that the process never ends. It is ongoing and incremental, qualitative and quantitative, and over time, stands as the cornerstone that will enable this college to reach its highest potential as a learning centered college, focused on student success.

In keeping with the above, the mission of the Northern Essex Community College Institutional Effectiveness Task Force has been to establish the initial framework for a long term plan to assess Institutional Effectiveness. The overarching purpose of the Institutional Effectiveness plan is to foster student success through continuous evaluation and improvement across six main themes: access, quality, persistence, efficiency, diversity and culture/climate. The Institutional Effectiveness Task Force envisions a three-year period of planning and development, which will engage all areas of the institution.