Student Success

Data Center User Guide– General guide on how to use and navigate using the interactive dashboards.


IRP’s Retention Report tracks students enrolled in a given fall term to assess, in the following spring and fall terms, which students have graduated from NECC, transferred to another institution of higher education, or are still enrolled at NECC.

Interactive Retention Report
Fall 2015 Retention Report (PDF)

Course Completion

This interactive Tableau shows trends in the number of grades awarded by instructional method, and compares course completion rates and withdrawal rates of studentsĀ in various methods to overall rates. This report also includes grade distributions by discipline.

Interactive Course Completion Report

Degrees and Certificates Conferred

This report concerns the degrees and certificates that students earn at NECC.

Interactive Degrees and Graduates Report
Historical Degrees and Certificates 2000-2016 (PDF)
Degrees and Certificates AY 2014-2015 (PDF)