Enrollment and Student Demographics

Data Center User Guide– General guide on how to use and navigate using the interactive dashboards.

Enrollment Update

IRP compiles this report every fall and spring term to summarize enrollment and track changes from previous years. It covers how many students are enrolled, the number of credits they registered for, and when and where they took those classes. It also highlights some student demographics, such as gender, age, race, and town of residence.

Interactive Enrollment Report
Spring 2017 Enrollment Update (PDF)
Fall 2016 Enrollment Update (PDF)
Summer 2016 Enrollment Update (PDF)


The Demographics report provides demographic (age, ethnicity and gender) information for all NECC students and for campus subgroups.

Spring 2016 Demographics Report (PDF)
Fall 2015 Demographics Report (PDF)
Summer 2015 Demographics Report (PDF)

Enrollment by Program

This report shows the number of students enrolled in majors over time.

Interactive Enrollment by Program Report
Enrollment History by Program (Fall): 2001-2016 (PDF)
Enrollment History by Program (Spring): 2002-2016 (PDF)

Seats, Sections, and Average Class Size

These reports show the total number of seats (enrollments), total number of class sections, and the average class size by term. Calculations for this report exclude any sections fewer than five enrolled students.

Interactive Seats, Sections, and Average Class Size Report
Seats – Spring 2017 (PDF)
Sections – Spring 2017 (PDF)
Average Class Size – Spring 2017 (PDF)