Institutional Research & Planning

Our Vision

Welcome to the website of Institutional Research and Planning at NECC! Our vision is to be the “hub” of institutional strategy, supporting the mission and strategic directions of the college, by building and sustaining a culture of informed decision making and institutional improvement.

IRP is working to create a culture of inquiry at the college, where faculty and staff continuously seek to improve upon student success. IRP strives to produce accurate, timely and robust analytics that will support individual, departmental and college-level planning.

As a team we aspire to the vision of the role of the Institutional Research Office in the Association of Institutional Research’s Statement of Aspirational Practice, and we follow the Association for Institutional Research’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice guidelines.

What We Do

We provide key institutional and external information to decision makers to inform strategic planning, decision making and policy and development, and to ensure the continuing success and sustainability of NECC. We are the official source of institutional data at and about NECC.

Practically speaking, we collect, analyze, and share data about NECC students, academics, and student support services. We regularly track enrollment and metrics of student success and publish this information for the campus community. We also respond to ad-hoc requests for data from campus leaders, faculty, and staff. The data and analysis we share supports assessment and program review, student success initiatives, grant applications and reports, accreditation, and operational and strategic plan.

Additionally, we share NECC data with federal and state government entities as required by law, and we voluntarily share data with other organizations that assess college success and help us compare NECC to other schools, and with publications that cover higher education.

We lead, facilitate and support the college’s strategic planning and execution process.

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