Catering & Food Service Providers

NECC Catering Policy for Internal Users

Recommended for Use on the Haverhill Campus

Recommended for Use on the Lawrence Campus

Recommended for Use on Both the Haverhill and Lawrence Campuses

Simply Elegant Catering

To place your catering order with Simply Elegant Catering, please contact Sam Ambra by calling 978-372-7329 or email

Please contact an NECC event coordinator at to inform them of your catering company selection. When ordering food for a meeting/event please adhere to the following:

  • Please remove all food, beverages, glassware and serving utensils from the conference room after the meeting/event is completed. If you need trash removal, please contact the janitorial staff at extension 3922.
  • If your meeting/event is after business hours (after 3:00 pm weekdays and weekends), you must make arrangements with the Events Coordinator to have a member of the janitorial staff remove the trash and general clean-up of floors and furniture. A $160 Janitorial fee will be charged to the user.

Campus Food

For location, hours and food items available on the Haverhill and Lawrence Campuses, please view the Campus Food page.