Calendar/Due Dates


  • The College Academic Calendars, Academic and Student Affairs Calendar of Meetings (which lists All College Assembly, President’s General Staff and other college meetings) and Final Exam Calendar and tear-off sheets can be found on the  Academic and Student Affairs Calendars & Exam Schedules Website.
  • NECC Annual Course Schedule Task and Timeline (tasks, deadlines necessary for creation of annual master schedule of courses)

Due Dates

  • For NP Roster and Grade submission due dates consult the current Academic Calendar on Academic and Student Affairs Calendars & Exam Schedules Website.
  • Please click on links for Professional Development Funds Application Process and Deadlines.
  • Full and Part-time Faculty: 
    • Course Schedule Preference forms due for semester:
      • Fall 2017: 3/31/17
      • Spring 2018: TBD
      • Fall 2018: TBD
  • DCE Faculty: 
    • Teaching Availability Letters sent out (approximately) for semester:
      • Summer 2017: 1/12/17
      • Fall 2017: 1/30/17
  • Coordinators submit the following to Assistant Dean: (2 weeks before officially due to AA Committee)
    • Special Topics Proposals forms (use “Course Proposal Form” found on “Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Forms & Information” Website) due for semester:
      • Fall 2017: 2/13/17
      • Spring 2018: TBD
  • Course Request Forms (CRF) for both program and non-program courses due to Assistant Dean for semester:
    • Fall 2017:  Late Dec 2016/Jan 2017
    • Summer 17:  Feb 2017
    • Spring and Summer 2018:  TBD – Late Feb/Early March 2017