The following are some information, links and/or documents on some common faculty/staff procedures at NECC.


DCE Adjunct Faculty Information:

NECC’s College Policies Website (For College Statements, Policies & Disclosures, Academic Policies & Procedures, and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy)

NECC IT Service Desk:

  • Contact information: 978-556-3111 or
  • for Computer/Phone/Email problems go to the Website to submit an IT ticket ( log in using your computer username and password). See ‘Tutorial’ on same page for demonstration on how to complete a ticket.
  • Email How-To Guide Website


  • For Contract Employees (i.e. Part-time Staff Associate work) see Human Resources’ Contract Employees Website for timesheets and biweekly payroll dates and timesheet submission dues dates.
  • For Staff and Contract Employees (i.e. Part-time Staff Associate work) who submit electronic timesheets, you can go to the Mass HR Website to submit your attendance.

Self Service Procedures:

  • Information on how to access Class Rosters and how to submit NP Rosters and Grades can be found on the Faculty & Staff Site’s Forms & Documents Website under the “Faculty” section.

Advising Information:

Ordering Books:

  • Visit NECC’s Official Bookstore Website . You can contact the bookstore at:  Primary e-mail or call (978) 556-3999
  • When ordering books, please follow these instructions:
    • Go to website:
    • Scroll to the bottom of page
    • Under Faculty Services click ONLINE Adoptions
    • There you will see a link for NEW? Register here!
    • Click the link and fill in the Registration Form, get the temp password from bookstore’s email to you or from the administrative assistant in the division you are teaching to complete the form
    • identify yourself as an APPROVER (not submitter)
    • from there you will be placed into the order form
    • After you register you can sign back in using your email and the password you created

Field Trips: Anytime a faculty member wishes to take his/her class on a field trip outside of the college:

  1. The Dean/Assistant Dean of the division, the Administrative Assistant and the Registrars office need to be aware that the class is being held outside of the college. This is to ensure that a student can be contacted in case of emergency.
  2. Students need to have signed an Acknowledgement of Risk and Consent Form to participate in field trip. Faculty must leave the signed forms with the division’s administrative assistant (BEFORE event takes place).

Finance Form Procedures:

  • Finance Department Website
  • Travel, mileage and other reimbursement forms and related policies please visit the Finance Department’s  Forms, Procurement and Policies Information websites.
  • Finance’s Resources Website that can assist you with finding the information you need to fill out your finance forms with the correct information.

To order office supplies: Please contact the coordinator/chair (if applicable) in your department to approve the cost to the program/department. Many Supplies can now be ordered in one through the College’s Office Supply Store: See the most current office supply listing and complete a Supply Requisition form through the Finance Office’s Procurement Website. Submit completed form to the Program Coordinator and/or your division’s administrative assistant for appropriate signature (from Dean/Assistant Dean) and submission.



Room reservations

For room/space reservations (classroom, conference, computer labs) please contact an administrative assistant:
Division of Business and Professional Studies

Accessibility/Accommodations Resources

Student Activities

Professional Development

  • Center for Professional Development Website and Resources Website (which includes information on computer classes, trainings, teaching tools and contact information on faculty coaches etc.)
  • To support professional development of NECC faculty and staff, funds are available for conference attendance, research and books. Please go to Professional Development Funds website for guidelines, forms and deadline information.
  • Center for Instructional Technology Website The Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) and Distance Learning provides assistance in the adaptation of instructional technology, curriculum and instructional design services, multimedia development and web-enhanced interactivity. They offer one-on-one coaching and training, along with course development tools and materials as part of the faculty support system.

Grant Information

The Dean of Development and the development office are available to assist faculty and staff with the grant process. The office can help you find outside funding to cover resources such as equipment costs and support for developing new online courses. The development office can be reached at:

Wendy S. Shaffer, Dean of Development
Phone: 978-556-3858, Email:, Office: A319, Bentley Library – Haverhill Campus

  • Please also view this PDF that gives a brief description of the grant process (Public Sector).
  • For more information how grants are managed. Please visit NECC’s Finance Department’s Budgets & Grants Website.

The NECC Fund Program grants are internal grants given to faculty, raised from private funds. For more information please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement:

 Allison Dolan-Wilson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Phone: 978-556- 3624, Email:, Office: A317, Bentley Library – Haverhill Campus

  • And visit their Website for more information (application, newsletter) on NECC FUND Program Grants