Faculty Fellow Position

Faculty Fellow in the Teaching and Learning Center 2015-2016

Position Description:

A member of the full-time faculty will be selected to serve as a Teaching and Learning Center Faculty Fellow. The faculty member will have demonstrated expertise in a number of areas related to teaching and learning and will serve as a resource to individual faculty members or groups of faculty, assisting and supporting them with one or more activities such as developing assignments that align with course and program learning outcomes, collaborative teaching and learning, assisting in aligning teaching activities related to Achieving the Dream, Collegial Conversations, seminars and symposia during the academic year, professional development activities emerging from the Academic Master Plan, assisting with Professional Day, support for DCE faculty events and new faculty orientation.


  • A candidate must have taught at NECC for at least one full academic year as a full-time faculty member.
  • Be willing to contribute 6-10 hours per week to teaching and learning activities.
  • Have the endorsement of the Dean of the Faculty member’s division.

Criteria for Selection:

Candidates will be selected for their potential to be highly proactive in engaging other faculty in the process of collaboration, experimentation with new teaching strategies, course development, and evaluation for effective student learning. The individual should have excellent communication and organizational skills and an ability to work with the college community.


Course reassignment or stipend appropriate to the number of hours to be worked.

Deadline Date to Apply:

Friday, May 1, 2015